Saturday, October 1, 2016

Review: Ice Island

11164718 Ice Island by Sherry Shahan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What begins as a training run with sled dogs turns into a race against time for Tatum and her new friend, a Siberian Yupik boy named Cole. When a freak blizzard hits this remote island off the coast of Alaska, the duo seeks shelter overnight in a dilapidated hunting cabin. Their harrowing ordeal goes from bad to worse when wind-driven snow forces them to risk an alternate route. Stranded in the untamed wilderness, they must rely on each other—as well as their faithful huskies—to survive sub-zero temperatures and bone-numbing exhaustion. Worse still, their food supply is dangerously low. The most daunting decision comes when the strongest dog runs away. One person must go for help, while one must stay behind. Either way, they'll both be alone in the wild for an uncertain amount of time.

Cover: Pretty!
Rating: 3 Stars
Overall: Exciting and detailed
Characters: Well Written
Plot: What started as a game, becomes life and death when two friends become stranded in the Alaskan wilderness after a freak storm hits.
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? N/a
Recommend: Maybe
Source: Library

This one was recommended to my through my local library's website due to some other similar books I have read. While I really enjoyed this story, it has one of those endings that leave you with more questions that answers, which I hated. It was a fun read, and a quick in-between for me. It's nice to get away from the usual, and I have always loved stories about dog-sleds, and the adventure they promise. In that this story did not disappoint! A fun story about two children who have only each-other and their dogs to survive. While this is a middle grade read, it was detailed and well informed both about dog-sleds, and about life in Alaska, a great educational aspect that makes this book even more valuable to young readers.

Do you know of any good survival books, or books about animals? What do you think of 'non-endings'? Do they bother you, are are you fine with them? What do you think is the worst way to end a book, or the worst kind of ending?

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