Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon #7

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Top Ten TV Shows
Since I skipped last week, and it was about back to school (and this is really what I did when I was supposed to be going to school, late night Adult Swim, anyone? XD) (Then for college it was binge watching Netflix :P) These are in random order, but here are my ten ^.^

1. Tower Prep - OK, this one reminded me so much of a book I read (Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti) but I loved it, and I get the boarding-school superpower thing is overdone, but it's like that cheesy pickup line that always works? Plus that ending, it builds you up...then nothing.

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2. Numb3rs - This one surprised me. Since there are already so many crime shows, what's one more? Plus I've had a crush on Charlie (David Krumholtz who I originally know as Bernard from The Santa Clause!)
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Moonlight - So this one was super cheesy, but it's where I met Mick (AKA Alex O'Loughlin) plus that cliff hanger! Sexy vampire, dying in a desert, laying in a tub (clothed, but still) with his human friend Beth about to tell her his secret! Ah! Plus I can't get the image of the vampire teen who was beheaded by a roller coaster our of my head! (You're welcome XD) It's also where I fell in love with vampire, Edward just never did it for me. >.<
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I'll just leave this here...
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4. Ghost Whisperer - This one was slightly longer than most, but I still didn't feel it ended right. It was starting to get drawn out in parts, but ended up feeling rushed, which didn't help anything. 
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5. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - So I really didn't get into this one, but I did enjoy the cast, and wish it would have had a chance. I feel it ended before anyone even figured out where it was headed. :P
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6. Nikita - I'm glad they did allow a final season for this one, but while I liked how it ended, I would have loved more. The cast really worked as a team and I loved seeing Nikita, Michael, Alex, and Berkoff together, and then there's Owen. Oh well, at least my team all found their place in the end.

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7.Leverage - While this one didn't surprise me, and also got an ending, I had expected it to last a little longer. This one I'm actually not upset about though, I'll just miss the team, but then again it was getting to be repetitive... 
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Every time I head leverage I think: 
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8. Flight 29 Down - I don't know why, but I loved this one... well maybe Johnny Pacar had a little to do with it. (Anyone seen Not You See It...?) Plus the overall cast and story were pretty cool. At least I thought so...
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9. Unnatural History - I don't remember much about this one, other than I like how it sounded, but it was super short...and the name. 
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10. Inuyasha - My first love...anime that it. Inuyasha was my first experience with Anime, and will always be special! <3 While I'm glad it did finally get an ending, I wish it could have been a little longer. Ah, but perhaps it's better this way.

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Ok, so I know most, if not all, of these are, or were, super cheesy and frankly weird, but I loved them! Some I expected to get cancelled, while others surprised me how short they ended up being!

What were your Top Ten? Have you seen any of these? Did you like any of them? (If not, it's fine, I don't bite...hard XD)

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