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Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows I Love #6

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Top Ten TV Shows
  OK confession, I really don't watch TV any more, and even the shows I enjoyed, I am way behind, and many have already ended, but I just never finished the,. Here are the ones I enjoyed watching when I did/do watch TV.. Once again, these are in random order, but here are my ten ^.^

Stephanie’s Top Ten


1. Heartland - I love all things horses, and really anything to do with animals. So a story about a horse rescue is right up my alley, but I also love the characters in this one! 

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2. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko <3 But really I loved this from the first episode! There's something special about the way this show is written, and how the story is told that you never really see things the same way after watching it.
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3. Hawaii 5-0 - If you can't guess why I like this, see my next TTT post (I promise it will make sense then XD) But no, I love the cast, and the chemistry they have, especially Danny and Steve, but the whole team works perfectly together, and all have each-others backs, which makes the story so much better.
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4. Fullmetal Alchemist - While I have seen Brotherhood, I fell in love with this one first, and as one of my first anime shows that I enjoyed, this one is always going to be a favorite. I love that they went back and made Brotherhood, but FMA was already so good, it's just a bonus. 
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5. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman- This is one my mom introduced me to. I love this kind of story anyways, a historical fiction that is favorable to both Native Americans, and has a strong female lead. With so many girls today seeking attention, she is the kind of role model I always looked up to, and wish there were more of on TV today. 

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6. Death Note - The first anime I finished, and still one of my favorites, this is another I loved from the first episode. I think my favorite thing about this one way, although both leads were attractive, it was their intelligence that was their best quality, and they were perfectly matched. Like Sherlock and Moriarty, only in a cool, paranormal Japaneses version for teens! What more could you want? XD

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7. Smallville - I really don't know why I enjoyed this one so much, but with all the superhero shows now, this one kind of ruined me. They just don't seem as good, and even it they are good, I feel like they are trying to hard, and it's just a cheap imitation. Meh...

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8. Naruto (and Shippuden) - This one surprised me. I couldn't stand Naruto at the beginning, but like some of the other characters enough to watch it. He quickly grew on me, and although I hate listening to him whine when I rewatch it, I love seeing how far everyone has come. I think the part I enjoy more is the side characters, Gaara, Hinata, even Shino, are just a few, but they have all come so far, and I love that. To often the side characters are pretty must forgotten, but each has their own detailed journey. Plus Itachi XD
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9. Downton Abbey - Honestly? This one mad me mad more times than I could count! Ugh. They killed off my two favorite characters, just as soon as I accepted Sible was gone, Matthew was killed too! (At least I'll get to see him again in Beauty and the Beast, my favorite princess story!)  Then everyone started being stupid, and cheating on everyone (really it was crazy for a while!), so I started cheering for the 'villains' but oh well. It worked out well in the end.  I did like Thom, and Mary was OK once she figured out she she liked, but I was also glad to see the servants finally find happiness and a place to belong, even if it took them a while. 
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10. Legend of Korra - So I mentioned Avatar:TLA but I had to mention this one too. I wasn't happy how it ended, not that Korra and Asami were together, but that the creators had spent litteraly YEARS ignoring what fans wanted, and in putting thehm together, it just didn't fit. If they wanted them together before, when I feel like they should have spent less time on Makorra and more time of Korrasami (But I didn't like that they went out of their way for the fans at the very end, and messed up their own story, since Korrasami really didn't have any time, unlike the other pairings, but who am I to say?)

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What are some of your favorite shows? Did you watch, or enjoy any of these? Feel free to share your TTT in the comments, I love reading them!

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