Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday's Weekly Recap: Week 9 (8/7 - 8/14)

Ah! Another week down, and some more amazing books to share! This week's been slower, as I spent time with family, and had a family emergency, but I did finish one, and am about to finish another book. I also started a few that I hope to finish within the next week's time.

Oh, and my birthday's next week! Ee! I have a new Kindle on the way, as my old one's screen isn't working right, and I'm super excited! I also received a few more books in the mail last week, and will get working on reviews for those soon!

And finally, I will start making suggestions for my book reviews, since I read so many books, and many are brought to my attention by others' suggestions, I thought I should return the favor! I hope you find some you enjoy, and would love to hear your thoughts! 

Books I read last week:

Post Highlights from last week:
The Adventures of a Chinese Korean Orphan by Mary Fleming  The Missionary’s Daughter by Grace Jelsnik
Sons of Light and Darkness by Adam Ingle
The Gospel of the Rauschmonstrum by Nick La Torre
Slave of the Sky Captain by  JM Guillen
The Monster Realm by Nara Duffie
   Devil's Night Dawning by Damien Black
Bipolar Faith (Edelweiss by Fortress Press) 
Two Graves (Retribution Series Book 1) by Zoe Kalo 
The Helsinki Pact by Alex Cugia
 The Last Gate Keeper by Katy Haye (Review tour, YA blog tour)
   EKO by Loren Walker

What I am currently reading:

Books I plan to read this week:
The Exiled Seven (The Exiled Series, #1) Renworth, Blake *
The Bow of Destiny Solomon, P.H. *

Fated Memories by Joan Carney

  Bonus (if I can get to them!):

This is what I plan to read, but posts and books that are planned are all subject to change. I also won't list reviews in the planned posts, since I never know when I have going to have time to write them. I usually write a few at a time, so it gets squeezed in when every I get the chance. The exception is for a book I received from the author, publisher, or other site in exchange for a review, those I usually write ahead and schedule for a time agreed on by the requester, usually on or around the publish date.

I will mark books that were requested or suggested in exchange for a review with *