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Review: You're Different Jemima

You're Different Jemima by Jedidah Morley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**I received a ecopy in exchange for my honest review from the publisher** Thank you!

Jemima likes to sing loud, dance her own moves and use her imagination, but her teacher and the other kids think she's too 'different'. When Mrs Chuckles takes over the class, Jemima discovers that being different is WONDERFUL!
A book to make children feel special about what makes them 'different'.

Cover: Whimsical!
Rating: 5 Unique stars
Overall: I could easily relate to Jemima, and loved that she found someone who enjoyed her uniqueness!
Characters: Sadly realistic
Plot: To help children who are different feel good about themselves
Recommend: Yes
Source: Empowering Resources publisher

In third grade, I was Jemima, and because I couldn't read, I was called stupid and lazy by my teacher. My art teacher was the one who taught me to be creative and different. The next year, with a more encouraging teacher, I took off reading without a problem! Encouragement is a powerful thing, and more kids need to hear this message. Being yourself, and doing your own thing doesn't have to be bad, and is often a good thing! If life was all black and white, if rainbows only had one color, who would enjoy them? We need to teach this more, and to encourage children from a young age that it's OK to be different, and this book does a great job at showing what a difference a few kind words can make!

Overall I loved this book. It's important to reach out, and teach children at a young age that it's okay to be different, and that it's important to be yourself. Too often today we hear things, and see things that tell us other wise. That tell us that we have to look this way, and act that way. In truth being yourself is the best gift you can give the world, because different is beautiful!


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About the Author:   
Jedidah Morley -
I am a mother of three, Music Teacher and aspiring picture book author. I was born in St. George, Queensland and currently live in Bargara, a beautiful coastal community near Bundaberg. I love running, reading, singing and being silly with my three daughters.
When I was young it was often said that I was a little ‘weird’ or just a touch ‘outside the box’. For years I thought this was a terrible thing, after all, who wants to stand out from a crowd? As I started developing wrinkles and the odd silver highlight, I finally learnt not just to embrace ‘difference’ but to celebrate it. Sharing this message is the reason for writing my second picture book,  “You’re Different Jemima!”
My ideas for stories blossom from personal experiences. I was once that child who coloured a rainbow duck instead of a yellow one and I’ve always sung loud and proud. Now I’m hoping that I’m a teacher, like Mrs Chuckles from my latest book, who celebrates the uniqueness of each child.

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