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Review: A Secret Safe to Tell

A Secret Safe to Tell by Naomi Hunter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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It happened when I was little, always when we were alone…but, sometimes he did things that worried me and made me feel strange on the inside…I thought games were supposed to be FUN.This is a gentle book that encourages meaningful conversations about body safety, the importance of not keeping secrets and confiding in trusted adults if something is making you uncomfortable. It encourages children to tell someone about any confusing feelings that they might be experiencing, as a way of HEALING.

Cover: Fitting
Rating: 4 stars
Overall: I enjoyed it, but wish it had ended slightly different
Characters: OK
Plot: To help children in sexual abuse situations
Recommend: Yes
Source: Empowering Resources publisher

Although I love what this book sets out to do, and do recommend it, I felt the end was unrealistic. I'm blessed that I didn't experience this as a child, but have people in my family who have, and I know that this, and other abuse situations, just talking isn't the end. I wish the story talked about steps to not only talk about the situation, but also what happens next. I also wish she had talked to a relative, professional (Dr. or teacher perhaps?) or even a parent or friend's parent who can be trusted, and not a stranger who can be both dangerous and unhelpful at times.

Overall I think this is a great resource, and just wish it told a little more about the next steps. I think this, and similar books are needed, and children need to know and be taught what's right and good, and what's not. If they are never taught, by the time they hear about it, it may be too late.

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About the Author:  
Naomi Hunter  - 
I am an enthusiastic, friendly and warm-spirited woman who is passionate about being the best individual I can be. I have an honors bachelor degree in Primary Education and am embarking on the author's platform in the hope to nurture and instill courage into young lives.

My dream is to write about sensitive topics in a way to bring about freedom, love and warmth, empowering my readers with effective communication and dialogue in which to discuss difficult issues.

I am the mother of an inspiring five-year-old daughter and the wife to an incredibly supportive and amazing husband. We are about to embark on our global adventure of traveling the world together, living and loving life to its fullest abundance!

First destination... Tanzania, Africa! Volunteering our teaching expertise in a little school called The Steven Tito Academy.

It is also the beginning of my books going GLOBAL!

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Empowering Resources (independent publisher)


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