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Review: Mistaken For The Mob

Mistaken For The Mob by Ginny Aiken
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Being mistaken for a gangster and accused of a series of murders she didn't commit was hardly the quiet life Maryanne Wellborn expected as a Philadelphia librarian. Who would have thought volunteering at her father's retirement home would be so complicated? When handsome but determined FBI agent J. Z. Prophet takes the case, Maryanne can tell he's prepared to bring her down -- or die trying. But then the "real" mob gets involved, and the situation turns deadly....

Cover: Weird? I really didn't care for this cover :P
Rating: 3 stars
Overall: Meh.
Characters: Stubborn!
Plot: Although for the most part I liked Maryanne and J. Z. but they were too stubborn to see the truth...
Page Turner: Eh
Series Cont.? Finished!
Recommend: Maybe? (The other two are much better! but it helps to read them in order)
Source: Library

Not my favorite, but I didn't hate it. The story was good, but some character choices tend to to make it predictable, and stilted in parts. Overall I enjoyed it, and loved how Maryanne treats J.Z. as she desired to get used to having him follow her! (The part with the bags it the best! XD) I read these completely out of order O.O (it's a trilogy) and although they are stand-alones, they do share characters, and some plot points are spoiled if you don't read them in order, the individual stories won't be.

I didn't hate this one, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in reading all three books, but this wasn't my favorite. I have read a lot of LIS books, so someone new to LoveInspired Suspense books might enjoy this, or other romance fans, it just wasn't one of my personal favorites. I feel the characters, especially JZ, but also Maryanne in her own way were too stubborn and blinded by their past to give the book the romantic feel, and they also messed up the chemistry for the first half during the suspense part for the same reasons, making a short book seem forced and drawn out until about half way. I still give it three stars, because I did enjoy parts, and even laughed a few times, but I didn't feel a connection with the characters right off that would have earned it more start. 

About the Author: 
 Ginny Aiken, a former newspaper reporter, lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their three younger sons--the oldest is married, has flown the coop, and made her a doting grandmother. Born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Valencia and Caracas Venezuela, Ginny discovered books at an early age. She wrote her first novel at age fifteen while she trained with the Ballets de Caracas, later to be known as the Venezuelan National Ballet. She burned that tome when she turned a "mature" sixteen. An ecletic list of jobs--including stints as reporter, paralegal, choreographer, language teacher, retail salesperson, wife, mother of four boys, and herder of their numerous and assorted friends, including the 135 members of first the Crossmen and then the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps--brought her back to books in search of her sanity. She is now the author of twenty-seven published works, but she hasn't caught up with that elusive sanity yet.

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