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Blog Tour: Dispocalypse (Review and Excerpt!) @MichaelARothman

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Dispocalypse tour! I'm so happy I took the chance to read this, and that I can now share it with all of you! 

by Michael A. Rothman
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: June 1st 2016
M & S Publishing, LLC 

Summary from Goodreads:
In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a Governor who is both feared and worshiped, Willow is a seventeen-year-old girl who is just trying to get through her last year of studies. But when her father dies, she experiences strange dreams that change everything about how she looks at the world and at herself. Haunted by the tragedy, Willow begins pushing herself beyond anything she could have imagined she was capable of. It’s only when she catches the attention of some of the Governor’s minions that her world is turned upside-down.

**I received a free ecopy for review from the author and YA Bound Book Tours**
I have mixed feelings about some things in this book, but over all I loved reading it, and can truly say it's unique! I love how it's written, and the wording/tone really drew me in. The prologue is somewhat confusing, and it took me a chapter or so to really understand what was happening, but it was a quick read, and easy to follow after that. I also enjoyed the illustrations, an added bonus in any story!

I loved the characters, and felt the plot was unique, and well thought out. I enjoyed the quick pace, and read a large portion of the book in one sitting!

For this time this is a stand along, still I still have some questions, but I would love another book to answer them! XD (OK so I really just want to visit Willow's world again!)
Then there is the matter about the mentions of religion and God that left me slightly weary. I am...sensitive?... about books that mention religion, especially mentions of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam unless it's in a historical setting. I'm fine with ancient religions, but with the three big ones, it seems too easy to mock or bash them, something I am strongly against. I'm glad to say, at least so far, the author didn't do that. Although religion was mentioned, it was only used to explain a prophecy, and to further the story.

Willow planted her hands on the ground and popped up onto the balls of her feet, glaring at the student who’
d had the nerve to ask her to leave. “How about this,” she pointed at him, “make me leave.”

He blinked up at Willow as other students laughed and jeered. “Steve, she’s threatening to kick your ass....”

“You can’t fight a girl....”

“She’ s got to be kidding....”

“...I dunno, she looks serious.”

With a shove from one of the other students, Steve grudgingly stood, face red with embarrassment.

Willow smiled and placed herself in a ready stance. As she tensed her legs and upper body, a sudden calm washed over her.

Steve moved deliberately as he circled around Willow, arms hanging limply at his sides. She could tell that he was studying her, trying to figure out if she was serious.

Willow motioned him toward her with the tips of her fingers. “Come on Steve. Make a move.”

The teasing from the others got louder and he grudgingly brought his arms up and slowly approached.

He was short for a guy, maybe only an inch or two taller than Willow’s five-and-a-half feet. His reach was about the same as hers, and the stance he’ d taken was a boxer’s stance.

He was barely out of jabbing range when Willow ducked low and swept out her right leg, sending one of Steve’s legs out from under him.

Willow leaped forward as Steve stood off-balance and she smashed him in the chest with a front

Steve flew backward and landed on his back, breath whooshing out of him as a deep male voice
yelled across the field, “What the hell is going on here?”

Everyone but Steve, who was gasping for breath, turned as the heavily-muscled combat teacher
approached with frustration etched on his face. He was followed by a handful of other students.

Zeno stood, and the giant of a student glanced sheepishly at Willow and addressed Mister
Krauthammer. “Sir, Steve and Willow were settling something between each other. No harm done, right Steve?”

Willow extended her hand to Steve, and he grabbed it. She pulled him to his feet. His face was
brilliant red and she wasn't sure if it was from lack of oxygen or sheer embarrassment.

Steve grimaced as he rubbed his chest, turned to the teacher and nodded. “It’s all done. I was just getting to know our new classmate.”
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About the Author
Michael A. Rothman – Author, Engineer and Cat Herder.
In a nutshell:
  • First-born American in my family
  • Multilingual
  • Hard-working
  • Accepts no excuses
  • Despises self-importance in himself and others
  • Loves Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers
  • Engineer/Scientist
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