Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me #1

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and The Bookish.
Top Ten Facts About Me

Stephanie’s Top Ten

1. I have always loved to learn, but hated school. I am very hands on, and have to see it done, then do it. With a large class, there was very little hands on, and I didn't have art after the fourth grade, and music after the fifth, so I turned my attention to books!
2. I didn't start reading until the fourth grade, but once I started I couldn't get enough! I started on chapter books soon after I started reading. 
3. My second grade teacher read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, the second book in the Nanira series by C. S. Lewis, and when I started reading, it was to achieve me goal of reading it again on my own! 
4. I love animals, and would love to work with animals. My favorite are Wolves and Horses. I grew up with dreams of taming a wild mustang, raising a wolf pack, and owning a trained falcon! *Yeah I was that girl!*
5. Secret hobby? I love to bake! I love to cook anyway, but my talents seem to be in baking, and it's the only thing my family eats! They can't get enough!
6. I love all things art, from paintings and drawings, to music, to photography, to books and movies! 
7. While I read more fantasy and YA than anything, I enjoy a wide range of genre, and what I read largely depends on my mood! I also enjoy Children's books, Mysteries, Historical, Mythological and fables, retellings and fairy-tales, Classics, and Survival stories, but will pick up other genre if they catch my attention, or I'm in the mood for something different!
8. I am super introverted most of the time. I enjoy peace and quiet and hate crowds. I suffer with anxiety, and too much going on makes it impossible for me to relax. I normally stick to a group of close friends, and either don't say much at all, or won't shut up. :3
9. I took a film Photography class, and fell in-love with film and developing! There's something magic about being alone in a dark room when you see if your last role of film was worth all the odd angles and creative thinking it took to get those shots! 
10. I love learning about other cultures and their stories and traditions. It's fascinating and I would love to be able to travel. I love listing to people's stories, and seeing the world in a different perspective. 
So there's 10 random facts about me. What are some facts about you? Feel free to comment, and if you want to post this tag with ten facts about you, please share a link letting me know in the comments! I look forward to reading them!