Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday's Weekly Recap: Week 8 (7/24 - 7/31)

 Wow, another month down! And another month's worth of reading and requests! I'm finally getting the hand of being a book blogger, and am also excited to be getting so much attention. I do this for me, because books are my passion, but it's nice to see others who actually enjoy my reviews and ask me what books I recommend. Coming from a family of non-readers, I don't get that often, aside from maybe at the library or bookstore on the rare occasion. 

This week had been slower, but that's partly because I'm trying to read some of my longer books. So I should have some more detailed reviews up soon! I'm also working on library books along with requests, so there's that too. 

Also I will be hosting a giveaway for 1 e-copy of paranormal romance Frostbitten by Heather Beck! It starts tomorrow so be sure to enter!

Books I read last week:

Book requests from last week:
Keep No Record by Cassie BeebeThe Norskvall Saga:  The End of Youth by Michael The Red
Hidden Design, the Prophecy by Tia Tormen​ and CK Stone

What I am currently reading:
A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1) Maas, Sarah J.

Books I plan to read this week:

Bonus (if I can get to them!):

This is what I plan to read, but posts and books that are planned are all subject to change. I also won't list reviews in the planned posts, since I never know when I have going to have time to write them. I usually write a few at a time, so it gets squeezed in when every I get the chance. The exception is for a book I received from the author, publisher, or other site in exchange for a review, those I usually write ahead and schedule for a time agreed on by the requester, usually on or around the publish date.

I will mark books that were requested or suggested in exchange for a review with *