Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Mixed Up With The Mob

946722 Mixed Up With The Mob by Ginny Aiken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Strange things were happening to Lauren DiStefano. Since her brother's funeral, a mysterious driver had tried to run her down, menacing mobsters threatened her and a handsome FBI agent saved her life. Something was seriously wrong, and Lauren feared for her life. As Lauren discovered her brother Ric had left behind a trail of treachery, lies and mob ties, Special Agent David Latham seemed determined to uncover the truth. Could she place her trust, her life--and her heart--in David's hands?

I love the Love Inspired Suspense books! I was introduced to them as a young teen by a local librarian, and have enjoyed them ever since! It is one of the few romance book and series I enjoy, but I hope to read them all some day! XD I often read them between other series or after reading longer books, as fillers so that I'm ready for the next 400+ page adventure as they are a good change of pace, and a quick read.

This one once again excited me. I own the last book in this trilogy, and have the first on hold at the library, but these all serve as stand alone, with only minor mentions of characters and events from the other books. I love these because they are inspirational romance, but not as sappy as most Christian romances books. This one was exciting because the deeper you read, the more twists you encounter! There were a few that really surprised me! Another exciting adventure!