Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bloggers! How do you handle low rating reviews?

Up until now I haven't been posting my reviews here if they get below a 3 star rating. When I started in May, that was fine, but a few months in, and dozens of requests, ARCs, and TBRs later...I've found that I'm writing at least one or two low reviews for ever 5 or so. That's bound to happen, and I knew it would, but how to you handle low reviews? I have been just writing them on Goodreads, and maybe Amazon if I feel it's something I would want to know before buying, but have thus far left them off my blog. Do you still post them on your blog, or do you only post the ones you would recommend to others?

I'm leaning toward posting them, since I promise honest reviews, and that means some will be down right blunt, but I'm not doing it to hurt the author, or their book. Instead I hope the authors take the time to read the low reviews, and use them as a way to grow and develop their writing abilities. I have seen a few blogs who write reviews from the glowing 5 stars to the dismal 1, but I would love any feedback you can offer on the matter!

Either way, I want to think my followers, readers, and any author, publisher, blogger, or person that I have talked to and who has helped me to get this far! I've only just begun, and I'm loving being a book blogger, and reviewer! Oh, and I have a few special surprised in store soon too! So keep your eyes peeled!