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The Exiled Seven Blitz Tour!

The Exiled Seven
Blake Renworth
(The Exiled Series, #1)
Published by: Inglenook Publishing House
Publication date: May 12th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult
When Alariq is exiled from his home city-state for a crime he did not commit, only six stand by his side, convinced of his innocence and steadfast in their loyalty.
The seven dwarfs must set out from Ishtara to look for a new place to call home, but in doing so, they make a discovery that puts them all in danger. They are rescued and taken in by a mysterious and beautiful outsider, who lives alone in the depths of Loraheem Forest. What follows is Alariq’s struggle to come to terms with his exile, as those around him seek to make a place for themselves in this new life. Soon, however, it becomes clear their situation is more complex than they initially realized, and they begin to wonder if there is more behind Alariq’s exile than simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Told in a unique storyteller voice, this reversal and reimagining of the classic fairy tale explores the themes of shattering betrayal, the subsequent struggle to trust again, and the basic desire to take control of one’s own destiny.

Alariq awoke the next day after the sunrise, a rare occurrence for him.  He felt well-rested, his muscles loose and relaxed.  Before he had even opened his eyes, he could hear whispered bickering amongst the others.  He cracked open his lids and saw his six companions gathered around the stove.
Brimir: “Why would she cook it if she didn’t mean for us to eat it?”
Callum: “She could be making it for herself.”
Asher: “Did you see her?  She’s tiny!  She couldn’t eat an entire deer.”
Gideon: “Maybe she’s making stew.”
Blainn: “It doesn’t matter, we’re not eating it anyway.  She might’ve poisoned it.”  He was standing with his weight on one leg.
Callum: “I really don’t think that’s likely.”
Ford: “Yeah, if she wanted to kill us, she could’ve in our sleep.”
Asher: “Or not rescued us in the first place.”
Brimir: “Well I think she means for us to eat it.  And I’m starving.”
Callum: “It’s rude.  She hasn’t offered it to us yet.”
Ford: “Rude?  You’re kidding?  You’re seriously worried about manners right now, Callum?”
Blainn: “I think it’s rude to cook an entire deer right in front of a bunch of hungry refugees and not offer them any.”
Asher: “I thought you said it was poisoned and you weren’t eating it.”
Blainn: “She still could’ve offered us the poisoned meat.”
Gideon: “I thought we decided it’s not poisoned?  Do you think it really could be?”
Asher: “No, that’s not the point.  If Blainn thinks it’s poisoned, it shouldn’t matter either way whether she offered us any, since he’s not going to eat it anyway.”
Brimir: “So are we eating it or not?”
Callum: “Not until she comes back and offers it to us.  My mother always said that a good hostess makes it very clear what is expected of her guests.”
Ford: “Okay, first of all, we’re not guests.  We’re exiles.  And second of all, we slept on the floor.  I really don’t think this was the hosting your mother had in mind.  And third, your mother…”
But Alariq didn’t wait to hear what Callum’s mother could do and instead rose from his sleeping pallet and headed for the door.

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