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Review: The Quest for Hope

The Quest for Hope The Quest for Hope by A.S. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review**

Cover: Beautiful
Rating 4 Stars
Overall: Exciting
Characters: Interesting and believable
Plot: A great start to the series
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend Yes.

Ok, ok so I should have written this ....a week ago :P I've read two amazing books since then, and well feel kind of bad, since this one's already a little fuzzy, not in a bad way, it's just...I traveled 500 miles through Alaska in the 1800s on a dog-sled, and fought to save the world from the Queen of the Underworld since this...More on those later XD

In the dark land of Novus, a Light is beginning to move. As the true High King attempts to rally his forces, crystalline beings move among mortals, seen and heard only by those specially attuned to their existence. One of the Erela stands supreme above all the rest. Known as the Dark One, Zohar has all but succeeded in erasing the name of the High King from the hearts and minds of everyone in Novus. It is now up to the rest of the Erela to stop his wrath.

In an unknown community tucked away in a hidden valley, an Erela recruits a young apprentice to help carry out their important mission. As Levi embarks on a dangerous quest to fetch a princess and bring her to Zion to fulfill her destiny, she is struggling to understand why she has been chosen to be the new Queen of Novus. After twelve-year-old Aliatta learns the truth about her identity, her life intertwines with Levi's. As the pair begins the long trek to Zion, they have no idea that the Dark One's fury has just begun.

The Quest for Hope begins an exciting saga of good versus evil as a young apprentice and a princess journey through a perilous land so she can fulfill her purpose to become their new queen.

I really enjoyed this book! I'm Christian but I have always had... struggles with Christianity. Especially their fiction works. Often they focus on romance, or just fall...flat. Being a fantasy lover, I am always suspicious of Christian fantasy, as they are often average at best. This one pleasantly surprised me! Though it isn't my favorite, even among Christian fantasy, I highly recommend it to others who enjoy Christian fantasy. It takes a refreshingly new look at the main characters, and although I feared they would push romance, they again took another turn! The plot, history and setting, and even the characters and races were all interesting, and I enjoyed taking part in their journey.

The writing, although beautiful, seemed dull and drawn out in spots. Some of the characters also seemed to lack emotion at time. It wasn't throughout the whole story, and didn't bother me enough to change my opinion of the story, but I do admit they do exist in spots. This is a common theme in Christian fantasy, and I imaging it's hard enough to write fantasy, add religion without getting preachy? You are asking for trouble, but it was handled well, and as a first book, hold a lot of potential!

Over all:
I've seen this book around, and thought I would check it out. It was a little difficult to figure out who was who in the first chapter or so, but once you got past the introductions it was an exciting read, and the world and characters are beautifully described as the story unfolds. I loved the way the history was told, and how the story of Creation was presented. It was refreshing to see they didn't follow many of the clique plots in Christian fantasy, and tried to make something new and refreshing. I look forward to read the second book, and would gladly read anything else the authors offer.

About the author(s):
A. S. King is the pen name for a team of authors who collaborate and contribute to the Invisible Battles series. The Invisible Battles franchise expands beyond written works into video games and audio books. Join the Invisible Battles community at

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