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ARC Review: Who is King Garnet?

King Garnet Stories King Garnet Stories by Marianne Parry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this from NetGalley for an honest review.

Cover: Funny and Whimsical
Rating: Children's (Grade-school age)
Scoring?: 3 stars
Overall: It was funny, and each story had a lesson
Characters: Funny and comical
Plot: Follow King Garnet through three different adventures
Page Turner: Maybe
Series Cont.? N/A
Recommend: Maybe

I picked this book mostly because of the cover. It was funny, and whimsical. I wasn't disappointed, it was funny, and I enjoyed the stories. I had expected more picture, but enjoyed the few there were. I liked the stories, but the second one bothered me a little.

The first story was about the king himself. King Garnet wakes up to find his legs had grown in the night! The kingdom tries to find out how to help their dear king, as he soon outgrows, not only his bed, but his castle!

The second it about Queen Amanda, who had become rather bossy. In order to get her to go back to being her old, sweet self, the king decided to play a trick on her! 

The third is about a knight from a near-by kingdom. He had been sent to bring a letter announcing to King Garnet that his good friend King Grundle wishes to visit. The knight, thinking that his life had become mundane, decided to stir up trouble between the two kingdoms, resulting in a battle!

My biggest miff about the three stories is that in the second, the king lies to the queen. It starts out at harmless fun, but how much is too much? If he had explained himself afterward, or talked to her, letting her know what was bothering him, I wouldn't mind. I did mind that he lied, and everyone but the wife knows in the end.

I enjoyed the book over all, and other than that one point, would recommend this to children who are starting to read short chapter books. It would be a great book to read out-loud, and can also be used as a learning tool.

King Garnet Stories is a collection of 3 tales about the well-loved and happy King Garnet, as well as his wife Queen Amanda and their friend King Grundle.

King Garnet loves everyone in his kingdom and everyone in his kingdom loves him, One morning, he awakes to find his legs have grown in the night, so that his feet hang over the bed. At first, he is pleased to show off his new height but, as the days pass, his legs grow so fast that they reach the bedroom door – and even go half way down the grand staircase!

Someone is calling a spell on him, but who can it be? King Garnet is so loved that surely no one would want to cause him harm... And more importantly, will his legs every shrink back to normal?

Bored of hearing the story of his ever growing legs, Queen Amanda decides to put a stop to his yabbering. She makes a desperate bid to stop him from talking and magically he stops speaking all together!

Last, but not least, we follow the story of King Grundle, King Garnet’s oldest and most loyal friend. After a misunderstanding between the two kings, they decide to engage their bored soldiers in a mock battle. The people enjoy it so much that they decide to make it an annual event to unite the two kingdoms.

Full of magic and adventure, King Garnet Stories is a fun and exciting collection of short stories for children aged 5 - 7 years old.

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