Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What To Do?

So I have been thinking lately, that I have a list of favorite books on Goodreads, but realized that I didn't really review them when I read them. It's been a few years, so I feel it would be unfair to review them now, after so much time. I normally don't re-read books, having too many new books I want to read, but I feel if they are my favorites, they deserve special treatment!

So I will be going through my Favorite's list again, and reviewing them as I go! I will also be reading though my to-read pile, and a few ARC books I get from NetGallery and Edelweiss, so it will take time but here is a list of my current favorites. I'm excited to be able to revisit old friends, and to give them a fitting review! I am also curious to see what books stay, and if any of my favorites loose some of their charm the second time, so many years later ^^'

Note: Since many of these are a part of a Series, I am just listing the series name for most! :)

Chronicles of Narnia
The Hunger GamesThis changed with MockingJay, but I'll explain that if I get to review it:P
The Book Thief
The 39 Clues
The Inheritance Cycle
The Heir Chronicles
The Dragonkeeper Chronicles
The Lord of the Rings
The Auralia Thread
The Lost Books
Wolves of the Beyond
Midnight Magic
The Oran Trilogy
Sword of the Rightful King
Unicorn & Dragon
Dragons of Starlight
Wheel of Time
Noble Warriors Trilogy
King Raven Trilogy
I Am the Messenger
The Sight
The Longlight Legacy
Forsaken Dreams
Chiveis Trilogy I did review the first one here ^^
The Five Ancestors
Don't Kill The Messenger
Sea of Trolls Trilogy
Sovereign Stone Trilogy
Ring of Fire
The Lady of Shalott
Julie of the Wolves Trilogy
Elemental Enmity
War Horse
Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis & Clark

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