Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Sword (Chiveis Trilogy #1) Bryan M. Litfin

I found this gem awhile back. It was in a three pack (all three books of the trilogy) and after reading the back, I couldn't pass up such a good deal! My only regret? Not reading it sooner! Although, it's probably good, as I'm not sure I would have gotten all the powerful messages and ideas had I read it a few years back. Now I will warn you, this book is not for anyone against the Holy Bible or Christian ideas. It has strong Christian themes and messages, but they are woven in beautifully with the story. If you can handle that, please continue reading. If not? You should probably pass on this one.

After reading some reviews, I was skeptic about this one. I often don't like books with "glowing" reviews and large groups of fans "raving" about how "good" it is totally not looking at you Twilight but then again, I do love The Lord of the Rings and Narnia, both of which get plenty of attention from large fan-bases. This was a pleasant, very enjoyable book that I was kind of almost glad wasn't widely popular...until I finished it. Now I wish it was so I had others who knew what an intriguing and thought provoking book this is! Who can I share my fan made ideas with?! I was glad to see I wasn't alone, I have found a few others who have also enjoyed this beautiful journey. But here's my take on it.

It starts off with our main characters meeting...Did I say meeting? Yeah well suffice it to say our lead male is our hunting. As a soldier this is pretty routine for him, until he is attacked by a bear! Just as he prepares to take a shot at the raging bear with his bow, he falls...The end XD No, but he winds up meeting the female lead. A young, capable lady named Ana. (think Merida from Brave)

We later learn that Ana is the only daughter of two loving farmers who live at the far edge of Chiveis. This book has a very medieval feel, but  with a twist. They are in the future! After an apocalypse of sorts, resulting from an incurable disease and resulting nuclear warfare, only a small population are left. Loosing all of society and the use of modern technology, they revert back to a medieval style of simple living, relying solely on the land for their needs. They have also lost all modern religions, and have started a worship of a god they call Astrebril and three lesser gods who work together to serve Astrebril's pleasures. Astrebril requires a very dark form of worship, filled with blood, sex, and filth. Although the book does not focus on these things, it doesn't hide them, or soften them either. This is a book for adults, or older teens, as it has some powerful messages about the costs of sin, loss, love, forgiveness, and suffering. It required many of it's characters to make hard decisions, and has a strong theme of sacrifice throughout.

The book takes on another level when God, in their tongue Deu (Said Do) is discovered in the Sacred Writings. He brings a revaluation to the people of Chiveis, but are they ready for Him? A small group of friends are willing to accept that this God of sacrifice and forgiveness is indeed the One True God, but will they be able to bring Deu to Chiveis? Not is the High Priestess of Astrebril has her way, and she's not alone in her way of thinking.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone looking for a fun read, filled with thought provoking messages, and a powerful call to love God and to hold the Bible in a place on honor.
Warnings: Not for anyone against the Bible, or anyone looking for a light-hearted read. It does have some hard to read scenes, and some heavy ideas not suited for everyone.
Rating: 8/10