Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Relaese Day / Cover Reveal / eARC Review: A Little Beside You by Jenni Sauer

A Little Beside You

by Jenni Sauer 

“You make me feel safe, Bender Cole, when you absolutely shouldn’t.”

Thanks to her father’s legacy—and her rose tattoo that symbolizes it—Cori Kasmer has never had to fear the gangs that run rampant in the city, even years after her father’s death. And she’s always stayed away from that life, until Bender Cole passes out on her doorstep.

Between making her laugh in a way she forgot how and the banter he shares with her sister when he comes for waffles each morning, Cori lets herself get caught up in the normalcy he brings back into her life. She shouldn’t feel safe with him, shouldn’t want him to kiss her, and yet…

Bender only got mixed up with the gangs to keep a roof over his family’s head. But now he’s in too deep. As an enforcer for the Bears, he’s got blood on his hands and he knows as long as he continues as he is, those hands don’t also get to hold a girl like Cori. And no one leaves the Bears. Not alive, anyway.

A Snow White Rose Red Retelling set in the Evraft Galaxy. 

*I received an early copy from the author. This does not affect my review*

Actual Rating: 4.5

I knew after reading Yesterday or Long Ago (Amya and Rinity’s story) that Bender had more to tell and hoped even after that brief intro to Amya’s brother that we’d see more of him. Little did I know that he’s get his own book!

While be see some of Bender’s family in Amya’s story, the Kasmer’s and many other characters are new in this one. I loved seeing all the new faces, learning about Dr. Kasmer’s legacy, seeing a little more about how the Bears work, as well as mention of a few other local groups. I also admit, Pippa was a fun addition!

I really enjoyed getting to meet the waffle friends, Meg, Cori, and Bender and seeing their time together. I loved the easy nature Meg greets everyone with and the friendship she quickly formed with Bender upon his morning visits. I also enjoyed seeing her with Cori, their sisterhood friendship was one of my favorites and I loved seeing the changes they face as they realize that they are growing up.

And that kitchen scene with the baby! I think that may have been when I first started to like Thistle.

Overall, I really enjoy all the Evraft Galaxy books, and I’m so glad we got one for Bender and got to meet these other characters as well! I also really liked that this one overlaps Amya’s story, I thought was was a fun addition!

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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Backlist Review: Of Thorns and Beauty (Twisted Pages # 1) by Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle #retelling #beautyandthebeast #indieauthor #bookreview

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Of Thorns and Beauty

(Twisted Pages #1)

by Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle 

“You think you know the tale as old as time, but you’ve already got it wrong.
There never was a beauty and a beast, only a girl who was both.
And that girl was me.”

Zaina will never be free.

She’s forced into an arranged marriage to a Viking King in a castle full of secrets. But she carries secrets of her own, and the scars of her haunted past.

Handed off from one monster to another, she has no choice but to do her best to survive and protect her sisters.

Even if it costs her everything.

A Beauty and the Beast retelling you won’t want to miss, where nothing is what it seems and time is running out.

*I received a copy from the author. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*

I’ve been super excited about this one since it was first mentioned on Elle & Robin’s page, but to actually read it…pure magic! I loved this one as much, and so much more, than I expected to, it just goes to show that this is a power team that you need to watch, as they are going places!

So, slight disclaimer, I love Beauty and the Beast. I also love retellings, the more original the storyline, but with those magical iconic events or items, are always the best! This does both to perfection and I loved the feeling I got, as if I was unwrapping a gift from someone who knew me so well, I was already sure I was in for a treat! The more I read, the more I feel into this magical tale and never wanted it to end.

So much intrigue, so many secrets…Another layer I loved about this book, as the reader the more you read, the more is learned, and yet both the reader and characters are missing some important information that makes the last half of the story all the more intense and beautiful!

I also loved the mysteries shrouding the castle and it’s servants and getting to know some of Einar’s staff, the Winter Festival and meeting Gideon and Khijhana, the beautiful world-building and complex backstories, and so many of the other magical scenes and special touches that went into this story!

I loved that is wasn’t the traditional sense of the story, instead we get a feisty warrior princess Zaina, arranged to marry the Viking King…But all is not as it first appears…

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Spotlight: Loved By the Beast: A Historical Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (The Beast’s Legacy, # 1) by T.E. Elliott #HistoricalFiction #Retelling #Romance


Loved by the Beast: A Historical Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (The Beast’s Legacy, #1)

by T.E. Elliott

The Beast’s Legacy is a trilogy of Christian Historical Fiction books inspired by the classic versions of ‘The Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ and ‘Cinderella’/’The Ugly Duckling.’ ‘Loved by the Beast’ can be read as a stand-alone, while ‘Service and Slumber’ and ‘A Gentle Pursuit’ will be better understood in order. They are all character driven, gentle reads with a guaranteed happily ever after.

In this particular tale, Audric and Léa have both grown up under the shadow of how others perceive them. One is seen as a Beast, the other a Beauty. Both long for something more—to be seen, to be known, to be loved for more than what is on the outside. When Léa is faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage or see her father imprisoned, it is a sacrifice she is willing to make. However, when she finds that the rumored beast is nothing more than a gentle and kind man, she is faced with another decision. Can her heart respond to his love even when she has had no power of decision in her life’s story?

Audric gave up on finding love long ago, so when his mother tells him she has made a match for him, he cannot help but be skeptical of her plans. The rumors he’s heard about himself since childhood have even him convinced he’s a beast and not worthy of the love of a woman. Should hope be rekindled or squashed entirely? Set in early 18th century France and based on the classic versions of the timeless fairy tale, with a hint of the beloved childhood favorite, this retelling explores the depths of what true love looks like and the lengths one is willing to go in its defense.

I hope you enjoy my stories! Thanks for reading!
~T.E. Elliott 

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Spotlight: Standoff (Natchez Trace Park Rangers # 1) by Patricia Bradley #mystery #suspense

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(Natchez Trace Park Rangers #1)

by Patricia Bradley 

The Natchez Trace National Parkway stretches 444 miles from Nashville to Natchez, the oldest town on the Mississippi River. It’s the perfect road for a relaxed pleasure drive. Unfortunately for Luke Fereday, it’s also perfect for moving drugs.

Sent to Natchez to infiltrate the organization at the center of the drug ring, Luke arrives too late to a stakeout and discovers the body of his friend, park ranger John Danvers. John’s daughter Brooke is determined to investigate her father’s murder but soon finds herself the target of a killer who will do anything to silence her.

Luke will have his hands full keeping her safe. But who’s going to keep him safe when he realizes he’s falling – hard – for the daughter of the man he failed to save?

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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Spotlight: Seek (Whispers of Heaven # 1) by Angela R. Watts

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(Whispers of Heaven #1)

by Angela R. Watts 

Angel Cutler’s routine life is overturned when local ganglord Viktor Marino tries to kidnap her. When she finds out her adopted sister is back in town and working with Viktor, Angel has to run away with the protection of two total strangers. Can Angel have faith in God to protect her family when she can’t?

Elijah Davis has seen Viktor bleed once, and to save his family, he’ll make it happen again. But who is the One Eli can turn to when he realizes he can’t protect his loved ones alone?

Hiding from gangsters and gunfire, the trio struggle to seek God above all else and trust that His plan is greater than their own. Or Viktor Marino’s. 

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