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Spotlight: Immersive (The Elite Trials #3)

(Blurb contains spoilers if you haven’t caught up on the series. Please read Reactive and Adaptive first. Trust me, it’s worth it!)

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(The Elite Trials #3)

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It’s here! It’s finally countdown time for the release of Immersive, and I can’t wait to have this beauty in my hands! (Pre-order link just opened, and I already ordered mine!) You still have time to catch up if you haven’t started this amazing YA/NA Dystopian series yet! As an avid dystopian fan, I’m always looking for new series and authors, but few become instant favorites, but after starting The Elite Trials this summer, I couldn’t put it down, and soon after flew through Adaptive (2) as well! Plus, went back for an immediate reread, which is unheard us as I rarely reread like….AT ALL! Its just that good! (*gasp*And I loved it more the second time! What!?) See below for a bit more about Immersive, then visit @becky_moynihan‘s page.

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The pre-order is LIVE!!! (link in bio)🔥 The book is set to release March 10, 2020, but I’m hoping to release it early, fingers crossed! 🔥

Note: keep your pre-order receipt if you’d like an exclusive Lune, Bren, Ryker character art print! Just DM me a pic of your receipt and mailing address. 🔥

And lastly, if you didn’t hear, the first book in the series is FREE until end of day on the 4th, so don’t miss out on the deal! 🔥

After events that threw Ryker’s motives and Bren’s well-being into question, a devastated Lune struggles to keep fighting. Imprisoned once more, her only way of escape is to play by her captor’s rules—or face gut-wrenching consequences. 🔥
As the race to stop the Supreme Elite unfolds, old friends and new join forces, risking everything for a better tomorrow.
But the Elite Trials aren’t over. And when their purpose is revealed, no one is prepared for the horrifying truth.




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ARC Review: Hereafter

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(The Lost Princesses #3)

The third lost princess. The final key to the treasure. And a battle for the throne.

Growing up deep in the forest as a poor charcoal burner’s daughter, Emmeline has always known her identity as a princess of Mercia, and she lives in fear of being caught and killed. When her adopted father returns from town with news regarding the imminence of war, Emmeline has no wish to join the rebellion against King Ethelwulf.

Prince Ethelrex, the strongest warrior in the land, has done everything he can to prove his loyalty to his father, including searching for the last lost princess. When Ethelrex finally captures Emmeline, the king commands his son to marry the princess in order to win the support of the people and undermine the rebellion.

Forced into marriage, Emmeline has one goal—to escape. But Ethelrex takes his marriage vows seriously, including his promise to love and cherish his wife, and has no intention of letting Emmeline get away. As the battle for the throne rages, will the prince be able to win the battle for Emmeline’s heart?

Rating: 5 Stars!
Publish Date: October 29th 2019
This is the one I’ve been waiting for! Not only do we get Emmeline’s story, which I wanted ever since reading Always, knowing she ended up with Felicity and Lance, but after reading Adelaide’s story, I’ve wanted Rex’s story too, and to get both in the exciting twist? *gimme – gimme!*

Review: I was right! I loved this one! Actually, while I was excited for this one, I ended up caught up in the story and loved the surprise twists that came at just the right places. I’m so glad I was able to read this series, and can totally see binge-reading this as a reread in the not so distant future! I really enjoyed seeing the princesses grow and build friendships of trust and seeing them learn to get along and work together, and this final installment was the perfect conclusion to this exciting adventure!

*I received an early copy from the author, this does not affect my review.*

COVER REVEAL: Immersive by Becky Moynihan

Functionally Fictional

For fans of the Hunger GamesDivergent, and Shatter Me series comes the heart-stopping conclusion to a story of resilience, second chances, and fierce love.

Immersive is the third and final book in The Elite Trials trilogy! The first two books have been some of my absolute favorites the last couple years. I cannot wait for this final part.

Cait Marie (Reactive review) (Adaptive review)

Reactive (Book 1) is currently FREE!!

Get your copy here!

Cover reveal for Immersive in…











After events that threw Ryker’s motives and Bren’s well-being into question, a devastated Lune struggles to keep fighting. Imprisoned once more, her only way of escape is to play by her captor’s rules—or face gut-wrenching consequences.

As the race to stop the Supreme Elite unfolds, old…

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#Free: Cursed by Fire

Cursed by Fire: A New-Adult Urban
Fantasy Novel (Blood and Magic Book 1)

Blood is going to spill …
It won’t be mine.

Someone is feeding the flames, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.
The victims are innocents, chosen to pit the shifter Pack and the
vampire Coven against one another.

If war breaks out, humanity won’t survive.

But controlling fire is my thing, and I won’t let that happen.
I’m a mercenary, but this is about so much more than money. It’s my city
and someone is threatening it. I won’t stop until I find them.

When the good guys start to look more like villains, I have no choice
but to question everything I knew, including the people I thought I
could trust.

It turns out the humans might not be as helpless as they seem, and
I’m in more danger than I realized.

it on Amazon HERE

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B&H Review: ThoughtFull

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ThoughtFull: Discovering Unique Girls in Each of Us

This encouraging story shows how life changes when we learn to value those who are differently abled and to champion the power of thoughtfulness. 
Author Dorena Williamson explores the need to be “thoughtFULL”—full of thoughtfulness and awareness, particularly with those who have special needs. In this delightful story, it’s awards day at school, and Ahanu (a boy with Down Syndrome) earns the award for being thoughtful. Later, when his friend Joshua sees others making fun of Ahanu, it’s Joshua’s turn to be thoughtful by supporting his differently abled friend. While doing so, Joshua learns important lessons about friendship, disabilities, and the value we each have as God’s children.

Also available in this series: ColorFull: Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us.

This B&H Kids book includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book’s message with their child. We’re all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God’s Word.


I really enjoyed reading this, and can easily see it being handy in a classroom setting but also perhaps in a childcare setting or even at home. This story talks about a child with Down Syndrome and focuses on the other’s children’s reactions, pointing out that some focus on the good (the things that Ahanu is good at and can still do) while others just see the things he can’t do, and see him as different and less-able.
I liked how this story helps teach children that we are all special and that being ‘different’ doesn’t have to be bad.

*I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*