Thursday, June 24, 2021

eARC Review: When All Hope Feels Lost (Seeing is Not Believing # 5) J.C. Morrows

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One of the first lessons you learn as a writer is to go with the flow. In both the story world and the real one.

Whether your story takes a different direction than you had intended or your life does, it’s best to just go with it. Otherwise, you could end up blocked… or stuck…

It might not be the end of the world for everyone. It might not even be a bother for most people. But, for authors, it is a big deal. Mostly because our fictional worlds are our life, our livelihood, our link to sanity.

Maybe that’s just me…

So, when life throws you a curve, you either catch it or you get hit by it. That’s how I ended up writing something completely unexpected… after the publisher made it unbearably clear they have no further interest in my contributions to the series they’ve essentially run into the ground.

And then the curve came… What do I do? I write, of course.

Chapter 5 of the serial: Seeing is Not Believing by JC Morrows.
These stories follow an unusual format because of the story itself. Each month, we will be releasing a new chapter for you to enjoy. You won’t want to miss a single one. 

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Blog Tour Spotlight: Starganauts by C.E. Stone

Kaity Anderson was a new bride on her wedding day. Samantha Harris was an engineer who had given up all to follow God. 

Kaity’s reception is ruined when an alien gunship incinerates the surface of Earth. Rescued from the apocalypse by a strange prophetess, Kaity, her husband, and five others are drawn across the galaxy. While the prophetess promises God has a plan, Kaity grows increasingly desperate as their chances of survival—and water supply—dwindle.

Samantha didn’t ask to be God’s prophetess. Yet once she answers the call, the Spirit leads her to an inhospitable world with Kaity and several of Earth’s survivors. Hounded by the master of the gunship, the Earthlings search for water as their alien pursuers and dehydration close in. Only God’s promise of a future in a distant city gives Samantha any hope of survival. But could the answer to all their problems lie in eight, mysterious orbs? The discovery of these crystals will change their lives—and the destiny of galaxies—forever.

Thus begins Starganauts, a clean, compelling Christian space opera adventure by C.E. Stone. Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek will enjoy this series that explores how God’s plan prevails, even against impossible odds. 

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Blog Tour: Discernment (The Legacy Chronicles bk 3) by Lauren H. Salisbury #scifi #retelling #IndieAuthor

A misfit, a fugitive, and a sacred destiny. Everything changes when all three collide.

In Jiya’s world, the only choice a woman has is who she will marry. When she meets a mysterious off-worlder, she must decide how far she is willing to push the boundaries of Teraburan culture to gain her freedom, and whether that is truly what she wants.

Mahsan has never been accepted for who he is. The sole human raised on an Esarelian cruiser, his attempts to belong led only to disaster and him becoming a fugitive. When he is invited into the home of a Teraburan clan leader, he finds a place where he could finally put down roots. But his past haunts him, and he will need to make peace with it if he wants any kind of future in his new home.

Not everyone approves of Jiya and Mahsan’s friendship, and some will stop at nothing to keep them apart. As the unlikely pair discover their true calling, they will have to confront everything they thought they knew and learn to see themselves as they never have before.


I’ve enjoyed each book in this series, and have to say, I love seeing Mahsan’s progress as he goes through his life among the Esarelian and now in exile. It’s such a fun and interesting take on the Moses story, and one I’d have never thought of in a sci-fi setting, but it works well in this series!

I enjoyed seeing this shift in Mahsan’s story as well. Before all he knew were Esarelians, being the only human on their space cruiser. Now that he’s been forced to leave that life behind, he’s once again among humans, this time for the first time since being an infant. I loved meeting Jiya and seeing how the series progresses now that Mahsan is forced to lead his own life, and no longer under the stick rules and expectations the Esarelian Ro’Ha’s leadership class.

This series is slower than many I usually read, and more sci-fi/space themed than I usually read, but I love reading about these characters and finding out what happens next in Mahsan’s story! It’s such an interesting take on a well known story, and I enjoy seeing all the twists and surprises along with getting to know there characters!

Author bio:

Lauren H Salisbury is a lover of all things science fiction/fantasy, creative, and edible, but not always in that order. An English teacher for sixteen years, she now tutors part-time while trying to figure out how to use an MA in Education as an author. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and a room full of books but likes to winter abroad, following the sunshine. Her favourite stories include faith, hope, and courage.


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