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Blogtour: Torn Away (Review)

Date Published: 11-01-17
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Drew Duncan swore he’d never go back to Ember Falls again. After he was wrongfully charged with his high school girlfriend’s murder, he waited for a trial that never came. When he was released from jail a year later, he left everything behind. But when his sister is murdered, Drew is forced to return to the hometown where he and his sisters were brutalized by their alcoholic father.

Once back, not even his training as a Marine and point man for McAlister Security prepares Drew for what he must face--a surviving sister who refuses to forgive him for abandoning her, a nephew who trembles when he enters the room, and an entire town that thinks he got away with murder. To protect his nephew, Drew will face his most terrifying fear. Going home.
Review: I enjoyed this romantic suspense title! Drew left home and didn't look back due to circumstances out of his control. When his sister reached out to him for help, he returns to find their other sister has been murdered. Bringing up things from his past, he seeks help to catch a killer. I love the writing style, and the mystery in this one. I was kept guessing until the end, and I enjoyed reading about these characters.

About the Author

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Vincent Morrone now resides in Upstate NY with his wife. (Although he can still speak fluent Brooklynese.) His twin daughters remain not only his biggest fans, but usually are the first to read all of his work. Their home is run and operated for the comfort and convenience of their dogs. Vincent has been writing fiction, poetry and song lyrics for as long as he can remember, most of which involve magical misfits, paranormal prodigies and even on occasion superheroes and their sidekicks.

As they say in Brooklyn: Yo, you got something to say? Vincent would love to hear from you at

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Blogtour: Cathadeus

Book Details:

Book Title: Cathadeus (Book One of the Walking Gates)

Author: Jeff J. Peters

Category: YA Fiction, 344 pages

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Release date: Dec 8, 2017

Tour dates: Jan 15 to Feb 2, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 (fighting scenes)

Book Description:

It has been six hundred years since the Alchemists fused together men and beasts to form strong, mindless slaves. Now, their most vicious creations have attacked the mystical Walking Gates, slaughtering their Keepers and isolating their cities. Wounded in the brutal attack, Braxton Prinn’s mother is on the verge of death and he makes a desperate journey to find the reclusive elven master who can save her. But when he discovers an ancient magic, Brax is caught up in an even greater struggle and soon finds himself hunted for his power. Drawn into the chaos of an impending war and pursued by enemies on all sides, Brax must fight to save his mother and her race from slipping into darkness. Though his untamed magic may be the greatest threat of all . . .

What Readers are Saying about Cathadeus:

“Jeff J. Peters’ strong cinematic writing style allowed me to easily visualize the story and feel that I was right there alongside the characters.”

- Alison W.

“Jeff J. Peters’ writing is so smooth and easy to read – I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was…and how quickly you end up being drawn into the story because of it.”

- Amanda R.

“Cathadeus is the best kind of fantasy story - you get to learn along with a flawed main character while you get lost in a richly designed world. You can’t help but keep reading. A cleanly written pairing of characters you wish you could spend more time with and an enthralling world built around them. Cathadeus is the kind of story that plays perfectly off of your imagination, with characters grounded in reality to make it feel like you could really be there.”

- Ryan N.

“Jeff J. Peters definitely has storytelling skills...The story stayed on my mind when I wasn’t reading it. Young readers will be drawn in this imaginative story, while they relate to Braxton’s struggles with temper, insecurity, and young love. Cathadeus is dramatic, with an anxious tone—at times bleak, as the story keeps you wondering until the final battle if good will prevail.”

- Elizabeth C.

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Review: Masterful storytelling! I loved the flawed characters, and the reality melds perfectly with the fantasy elements. It stays with you even after the last page, and I would gladly return to this world over and over!

Jeff J. Peters
Interview Questions for
Adventures Thru Wonderland

1. Who are some of your favorite authors?
Jeff: Tolkien would definitely be one of my top choices as he was my first introduction to fantasy. I also really like David Eddings’ Belgariad and Malloreon series, with his Belgarath story being one of my all time favorites. Other notable mentions are Terry Brooks’ early Shannara books and, of course, who doesn’t love J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter.

2. What is your favorite part of the writing process?
Jeff: Getting to create characters and events that are both interesting to read, and which share a greater idea, meaning or inspiration to others. Hopefully people reading Cathadeus will not only enjoy the adventure, but also gain something more from the overall experience.

3. If you could visit any world, where would you go first?
Jeff: Tough question. As much as I love fantasy, it can be a pretty harsh place to live in. So if I was just visiting, I’d probably choose Middle Earth, but if I was going to live there for an extended period, I’d select the Star Wars galaxy instead, and seek out a Jedi master.

4. Are you working on any other stories?
Jeff: I’m currently writing Sotchek, the second book in The Walking Gates series. This picks up a few months after the end of Cathadeus, and I’m focused on the first half of the story, with some later sections to tie in as well. I’m also writing brief sections of the third book, and have large portions of the story arc developed. Once I get the opening chapter for Sotchek polished a bit more, I hope to post it to my web site. I’ve received some terrific responses from my beta readers, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much.

5. If you could have brunch with any author, who would it be and what would you talk about?
Jeff: If I could go back in time, I’d probably select Tolkien, as I think it would be fascinating to talk with him about how he created his world and the various races that pretty much spawned the epic fantasy genre. If limited to present day, I’d select J. K. Rowling.

Meet the Author:

JEFF J. PETERS was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States as a teenager, where he fell in love with all things fantasy. He obtained degrees in digital electronics and computer science and worked as an IT professional for more than twenty years. In 2014, he left his corporate position to focus full-time on writing. Cathadeus is his debut novel. He is currently working on the sequel.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Facebook

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Top5Wednesday #2: I can't remember...

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly blog meme started on Goodreads. You can check out the group and keep an eye out for the topics here.

This one's supposed to be a funny topic, so we shall see... ^.^

Whether you loved or hated them at the time, these are books that you just don't really remember...

Remember My Name
5. Remember My Name

4. Mister Monday (The Keys to the Kingdom, #1)
 While I do remember this one, I can't remember much about the read of the series other than the first one was the best.

Mister Monday (The Keys to the Kingdom #1)

3.The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles, #1)
 I read the first 4 in this series, and never really cared about it.

The Fire Within (The Last Dragon Chronicles #1)

2.Parsifal's Page (The Squire's Tales, #4)
While I remember loving this one, I never read the rest of the series (as at the time I didn't realize it was part of a series.)

Parsifal's Page (The Squire's Tales #4)

The Borrowers (The Borrowers, #1)
1.My 3rd grade teacher read this, but I can't remember anything about it other than they were little people.

The Borrowers (The Borrowers #1)


Blogtour: When a Stranger Comes

Fantasy / Suspense
Date Published: September 17, 2017

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Satisfying one's greed can come at a devilishly high cost.

Achieving what you crave can also bring the terrifying fear of losing it. For Alexa Wainwright, this truth has become her nightmare. Born Gladys Lipschitz, the daughter of an unwed Soviet-era Jewish immigrant, she was beyond thrilled and amazed when her debut novel, A Foregone Conclusion, soared to number one on the bestseller’s list and became an international sensation. The accompanying fame and riches were beyond her expectations. Unfortunately, her subsequent work has yet to achieve the same reception by critics and readers. Yes, they have sold well based on her name recognition, but she dreads the possibility of becoming a mid-list author forgotten and ignored. She vows to do whatever it takes to attain the heady ego-stroking success of her debut. But is she really?

Witnessing an out-of-the-blue lightning bolt whose giant tendrils spread over the blue sky and city streets below her loft window, Alexa doesn’t realize just how this vow will be tested as she’s magically transported to an alternate reality. In this universe, the characters from her books are given the breath of life and she meets publisher, King Blakemore, who just might be the Devil himself. At first, she shrugs off her doubts about this peculiar publisher and very lucrative book deal offer because the temptation of riches and refound fame is too strong. But all too soon, Alexa realizes she’s trapped in an underworld of evil from which she desperately wants to escape. For starters, she finds herself in an iron-clad book contract that changes its wording whenever she thinks of a loophole. Desperate to get her life back, she devises schemes to untether herself from this hellish existence. She’s also aided by the forces for good who attempt to help her. However, King Blakemore is cleverer and more powerful than she can begin to understand. Playfully, he decides to give Alexa a second chance to save herself from eternity with him and to be free. He offers her the prospect of a rewrite, as most authors do as part of the writing process. Given this chance, will Alexa make the same choices and the same mistakes again?

Review: I loved reading this one! It grabbed my attention from the start, and held me in suspense throughout the story! Magical realism with supernatural elements! This one was different from other books I have read, and I was impressed with it's originality!

About the Author

I get so much satisfaction in the writing process. I take care to choose just the right word, to make sure each sentence has the right cadence. I appreciate other writers who respect the craft in this way, and I hope my readers do so with me. Writing is a need, a desire for expression, and springs from well within my subconscious mind. Thoughts rise up, scenes rise up and blend in with the over-arching story. These thoughts emerge whenever they want to and wherever I am and probably not when I am at the computer. The computer is for the craft, the technique. The thoughts come during walks, or while driving the car, or at the grocery store. I am the willing recipient of these thoughts and so they seek me out. It's a mystery this business and art of writing and it keeps me enthralled.

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WoW #4: Jan 17 2018

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

What are you currently reading?
Recoil (Recoil Trilogy, #1)

Wormwood (Wormwood #1)
The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy, #1) 

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

Refuse (Recoil Trilogy, #2)

Refuse (Recoil Trilogy #2)

Flames from the North (The Otherworldly Operatives, #1)

Shimmer and Burn (Shimmer and Burn, #1)

To participate, all you have to do is answer the following questions:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?